Chantel Ridsdale, (2015). Strategies and Best Practices for Data Literacy Education. Dalhousie University.

"We define the core skills and competencies that comprise data literacy, using a thematic analysis of the elements of data literacy described in peer-­‐‑reviewed literature. These competencies (23 in total) and their skills, knowledge, and expected tasks (64 in total) are organized under the top-­‐‑level elements of the definition (data, collect, manage, evaluate, apply) and are categorized as conceptual competencies, core competencies, and advanced competencies."

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Frameworks: Competency Model or Framework, Teaching Framework,
Themes: Data Awareness, Data Discovery and Exploration, Data Ethics, Data Curation, Data Gathering or Data Collection, Data Evaluation or Assessment, Data-Informed Decision-Making, Data Description or Metadata, Data Conversion and Interoperability, Data Management, Data Systems and Tools, Data Quality, Data Manipulation, Statistics and Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis, Citation and Sharing, Data Visualization, Data Storytelling, Data Preservation and Reuse, Critical Thinking, Present Data Verbally, Identifying Problems With Data, Data Interpretation,