Databilities. (2020). Global Data Literacy Benchmark. Data to the People.

From the introduction: this is a "comprehensive measurement of data literacy at a competency level of more than 5,000 employees from around the globe.  We've now drawn that line in the sand, across 5 regions, 14 industries and 9 core occupations.  The first of its kind, the Global Data Literacy Benchmark provides an insight into the challenge – and opportunity – faced by all regions, industries and occupations."

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Frameworks: Competency Model or Framework, Evaluation or Assessment Framework,
Themes: Data Discovery and Exploration, Data Gathering or Data Collection, Data-Informed Decision-Making, Data Description or Metadata, Data Conversion and Interoperability, Data Management, Data Preservation and Reuse, Data Quality, Data Manipulation, Data Analysis, Data Interpretation, Data Visualization, Present Data Verbally, Identifying Problems With Data,