Annika Wolff, Daniel Gooch, Jose J. Cavero Montaner, Umar Rashid, Gerd Kortuem. (2016). Creating an understanding of data literacy for a data-driven society. .

From the abstract:This paper explores the different perspectives currently offered on both data and statistical literacy and then critically examines to what extent these address the data literacy needs of citizens in today's society. We survey existing approaches to teaching data literacy in schools, to identify how data literacy is interpreted in practice." The Journal of Community Informatics  12 (3): 9–26.

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Themes: Data Awareness, Plan, Implement and Monitor, Inquiry Process, Data Discovery and Exploration, Data Ethics, Data Gathering or Data Collection, Data-Informed Decision-Making, Data Management, Data Systems and Tools, Data Quality, Data Manipulation, Data Analysis, Data Interpretation, Identifying Problems With Data,